The experience of five generations

What started in 1860 as an extra side income alongside dairy farming slowly grew into a specialised reed trading company. More than five generations have been at the helm of Verhoek Riet. All those years provided a wealth of experience...

Five generations Verhoek Riethandel.
Timeline Verhoek Riethandel
Timeline Verhoek Riethandel
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Our passion

We do our utmost to select the best thatchreed qualities time and again. To do so, we travel to the most distant destinations. This allows us to delight our customers with a unique and versatile range. We are also happy to give advice. After all, it would be a shame not to share our years of experience with you!

Our passion: thatch!
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What makes us the best choice

High-quality thatch


Only the very best thatchreed from all over the world

Flexible delivery


Flexible delivery and quick subsequent delivery

New thatched roof

That little bit extra

  • Also for all your supplies
  • Always excellent advice
  • Own transport
  • No compulsory purchase quantity
  • Come and see the thatch with your customer
  • Let us clean up your waste

Our thatchreed

We provide you with first-quality dry and healthy thatchreed all year round. These thatchreed varieties come from the Netherlands and countries like China, Turkey and Austria. We carry out regular checks in these countries. So, you are always assured of unquestioned quality!

Origin Verhoek Riet
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More than only thatchreed

Waste disposal

Waste disposal

Let us help you get rid of the nastiest part of thatching as cheaply and quickly as possible.

New thatched roof

Algae and moss control

Want to enjoy your roof for longer? Let us help you by fighting algae and moss!