Our Reed

All our thatchreed is thoroughly selected and tested by us. We examine the soil and water and have regular consultations with the grower. We also check whether the responsible reed cutter cuts the thatchreed low to the ground, stores it properly, dries, cleans, and sorts it correctly. This way, we can always guarantee outstanding Verhoek quality.


Since the year 2005, we have also imported Chinese thatchreed. This thatchreed comes from a beautiful natural area in northern China, where we have found several reliable partners. They share our ideas and are incredibly driven. Over the years, other parties were also convinced by the Chinese thatchreed. Meanwhile, China has become the largest supplier of roofing thatchreed in the Netherlands.

Thatch from China


Many reed traders started with Dutch thatchreed. We, too, have been working with Dutch thatchreed for over 150 years. We used to cut the thatchreed ourselves and concentrated mainly on thatchreed from the Wieden, Weerribben and Kop van Overijssel regions. Today, we supply thatchreed from different places in the Netherlands. In doing so, quality is always more important than quantity.

Thatch from the Netherlands


Since the 1990s, there has been an increasing demand for thatchreed. Therefore, we decided to expand our sourcing to Turkey. This diverse country has several areas where large quantities of thatchreed grow. Because of the varying product qualities and idiosyncratic corporate culture, a lot of effort is required on our part, but the result is worth it: Top-quality Turkish thatchreed!

Thatch from Turkey


We have been importing thatchreed from Lake Neusiedler in Austria since the 1960s. This area is known for its fantastic flora and fauna. Clean water and sparse, gravelly soil provide the ultimate growing environment. This results in a hard and high-quality thatchreed suitable for producing large quantities of roofing thatchreed.

Thatch from Austria

North Germany and Denmark

Northern Germany and Denmark are two major reed suppliers. However, much of the North German and Danish thatchreed you buy in the Netherlands has a limited length. This is because the long thatchreed is used locally to build thick roofs. This leaves the shorter thatchreed varieties. Verhoek takes excellent care to ensure that the proper thatchreed is harvested for the Dutch market.

Thatch from Germany

Romania and Ukraine*

Thatchreed from Romania and Ukraine grows mainly in the Danube Delta. Most of the area is in Romania, and a small part is in Ukraine. Because the Danube Delta empties into the Black Sea, it is vital to ensure the thatchreed is not cut in salt water. Thanks to our long-standing contacts, we now know which areas are suitable for harvesting for roofing. Characteristics of Romanian and Ukrainian thatchreed are the somewhat dark colour with an occasional faint red glow.

Thatch from Romania